The Light Architect

About Me

Luca Boschi was born in a small Italian town of Teramo. He used to do experimental art for years. Luca was the director of some historical re-enactment, but slowly he developed an interest in photography.

At 25, he learned how to handle a camera and did some photoshoots with his friends on the streets. His photographs became popular and were bought by local journals and magazines. In 2013 he established his studio with the best professional features. He does street shoots, fashion, and glamour photography as well.

Luca received a lot of support from his friend “Dellimellow” who is one of the most recognized Italian influencers on youtube and Instagram. That is where the name “the light architect” was born, and so the page on Instagram. Luca created the page to showcase his skills and photography.

He created the Instagram account two years back and now has 20k followers. Luca is known as the light architect because of his unique style of photography. He uses shadows and light in his photography to create something sensational.

Luca says, “I bend the light of my flashes over the body or the object I’m working on; that’s why I’m called thelightarchitect.” He calls this process shadow weaving as he weaves the light and shadow into the set.

Currently, Luca is focusing on fitness models, fashion brands, underwear brands, and art galleries. He wants his definitive photography to benefit brands and influencers. Even though he still owns a studio in the small town of Teramo, he dreams big.

He aims to be working for model agencies and fashion brands, scouting models, and coolhunting, and creating a great expo of his selected photo collection in the next five years.

Source: meet-luca-boschi-the-light-architect-who-is-becoming-a-sensation-because-of-his-unique-photography-style

DNA sat down for a chat with Luca Boschi, the Italian photographer behind The Light Architect, to discuss his art and his photography.

Luca is known for his experimentation with his photography technique. Picking up his camera at 25, he has used friends and models as his subjects, capturing them in high-end fashions and urban streetscapes.

From his home in Teramo, Italy, Luca has been building a name for himself as a strong fashion and artistic photographer.

DNA: Tell us about your photographic style?

I publish my photos over social media as collections as a sort of art installation, in a similar way fashion houses like D&G, Calvin Klein and Armani do.

My style picks up on dark themes with an experimental method I’ve called “Shadoweaving”, in which I weave the shadows out of the light on the set. This style embraces the people I’m shooting, drawing them out of the dark with the light dressing their body.

What type of shoots do you do?

I shoot fashion models, fitness models, fashion brands, underwear and even art galleries.

What sets you apart from other artists and photographers?

I am manic on detail! I play close attention to the detail in each shoot and this carries over into processing in Photoshop where I bring out my technique.

What drives you?

First of all, the extreme interest I have in experimental and unconventional photography. People have responded really well to my work, so I created an Instagram account to showcase it to a wider audience.